Easy Peasy Lime Squeezy Guacamole

Tonight we are having a Mexican themed menu for dinner, in honor of Cinco de Mayo. And no Mexican fiesta would be complete without guacamole! Thank goodness it’s so easy to whip up! Start with ripe avocados. You want them to have a little give when you squeeze them gently, but not be too squishy….

Cheesy Scalloped Potatoes

When I was thinking about what sides to make for Easter dinner this year, I realized that I was suffering from a pretty serious case of potato boredom. What got me through it? These warm, saucy, cheesy scalloped potatoes!

Grampa Clarence’s Secret Sauce

I’ve mentioned before my love of all things pasta.  I also have a crazy love of garlic.  I LOVE garlic. One big reason is that it reminds me of my grandfather, Grampa Clarence. I have very vivid memories of walking into my grandparent’s house and the air would be filled with the fragrance of frying garlic. That…